Key Facts to Consider When Buying a Ceiling Fan

Presently, there are several various types, styles and designs available in ceiling fans. The spin ceiling fans are an essential type of ceiling fan that mostly used in the moister and warmer regions in the world. The great thing about this ceiling fan is equally balanced as well as weighted by the manufacturer in advance to the shipment to avoid shake. Also, if the fan is shaking after installation, you can make sure that all the connections are aligned perfectly and then gently try to bend the misaligned blade into a proper position.

How to buy spin fans in Singapore?

Now, buying spin fans in Singapore is a quite simple task by just browsing through on the internet. A great place to start your search is SPIN’s website. They have a great selection of fans of various styles, sizes and designs. Once you decide to buy the spin ceiling fan, there are so many elements to consider that includes:

Fan size

It is essential to consider that the spin fan will perfectly fits in your room. You should also consider the height of ceiling and be sure that the blades have ample space to spin. So, it is highly recommended that the blades are not closer than two feet from the nearest wall.

Fan blades

Now, the fan blades come in all kinds of excellent shapes and patterns as well. Still, it is much essential that the fan blades have chosen will provide a balanced performance for the steady operation. The spin fan blades are well protected with the seal to prevent any warping effects of the moisture. The number of blades in this ceiling fan can be ranged from three to five, but it has a small effect on the amount of cool air that the fan generates.

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